Montage Video: NA Goes to Insane Airsoft

We like to try out new airsoft fields. So, a few weeks ago, we took a trip to Chattanooga’s Insane Airsoft. Afterwards, we cut up some videos, picked out our favorite EDM Trap song featuring Waka Flocka Flame, and mashed it up into this sweet montage! Check it out and tell us what you think. Don’t forget to subscribe¬†to our YouTube channel.


  • Ref’s were friendly but controlled the briefing room and loading rooms well
  • Wait between games was normally 10-15 minutes. This gave players just enough time to tell a war story and reload.
  • Lighting. The field was pretty¬†well lit. This ensures players keep moving since there isn’t as much to worry about tripping over.
  • Players. All the players that we interacted with were super friendly. There were also plenty of them there.
  • Free air tank fills with play bracelet. HPA users rejoice!


  • Refs need to move around the field more than they did. The tower doesn’t see every angle and roaming refs tend to keep cheating and complaints of cheating to a mininum.
  • Concrete floor was a little slick. BB’s rolling around made it a little hairy slowing down or speeding up quickly.
  • Chrono testing wasn’t done with a standardized bb weight or set joule rating.

Overall, we had a blast at Insane Airsoft and look forward to our next trip to Chatt-town to play. Plus, Sticky Fingers is so very close..


Guns used in this video:

Matt – Echo 1 Platinum Series with PolarStar Fusion Engine, Echo 1 Platinum Series with URX 3.1

Jessie: Elite Force 4CRS, Elite Force 416CQB

Luke: Elite Force 416CQB

Josh: Elite Force 416CQB, Elite Force MP7 GBB


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